Winner – Stephen Cartwright – Eversleigh Care Centre West Midland Care Association Awards 2020

I am delighted to announce that Steve, our Head Chef at Eversleigh has been awarded the Winner in Excellence in Care Award  for Support Staff!

Steve has been managing the catering team at Eversleigh for 6 years. Steve takes great pride in his work and the way he manages his team. He always goes out of his way to ensure the residents are happy and satisfied with their meals. We are very impressed with his ‘Around the World Cultural Food Days’. He has served a wide range of Indian food which the residents thoroughly enjoy. Italian days have gone down a treat with the residents joining in with pizza making and the Jamaican BBQs have been a roaring success too.

Steve also serves cultural finger foods which also go down very well, it’s surprising to see how many residents serve themselves to finger foods which encourages nutrition. We have had Chinese, Mexican and French cultural days too.

Well Done Steve, not just for cooking amazing food but for achieving 5 stars in Environmental Health for 5 years in a row! The Environment Health team were so impressed with Steve that they posted Steve’s achievements on twitter which then went into Trending! We could not ask for a better Chef who goes out of his way with thoughtfulness and ideas to continuously improving the Eversleigh Dining experience following lots of consultations for the perfect menu designed by our residents, relatives, and staff.

You’re the best!

Kulbir Kandola
Managing Director

Association Awards